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Canon Black Laser Toner (CRG-051)

Varenummer: 2168C002
Dit varenr.:
Producent: Canon...
Varenavn: Black Laser Toner (CRG-051)
Lagerstatus: Lager: Nej
Antal pr. pakke:20
Antal kolli:5
Type:051, CRG-051, CRG051
Antalsider:1700 v. 5% dækning.
Antal: Ankommer: Disponibel:
6 stk 29-04-2019 6 stk Ved bestilling i dag

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Canon 2168C002, 1700 Sider, Sort, 1 stk

Canon 2168C002. Side kapacitet: 1700 Sider, Print farver: Sort, Antal pr pakke: 1 stk

Canon 051 toner takes printer efficiency to new levels. Up to 1,700 pages can now be printed from a single compact cartridge at ISO/IEC 19752 standard for more efficient printing, delivering high-definition images consistently. Set up is easy and with Auto Seal Removal technology you can automatically remove the seal when replacing the cartridge, reducing mess or waste and saving time. Checking the remaining volume of the cartridge and knowing when you need a replacement is simple using the checker-level facility and the 051 packaging is fully recyclable and has a reduced CO2 footprint.

- High output of 1,700 pages from a small cartridge means more efficient printing and less downtime
- Magnetic Sphere toner technology optimises print speeds and ensures low energy consumption
- Auto Seal Removal technology automatically removes the seal enabling fast, mess-free installation
- Includes support for the cartridge toner checker-level facility on Canon printers
- Fully compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances initiative
- Efficient and fully recyclable packaging means no landfill and reduced CO2
- Return every toner cartridge to be reused or recycled. It's free, easy and environmentally friendly


Produkttype  Toner cartridge
Type  Original
Print farver  Sort
Brand kompatibilitet  Canon
Multipakke  Nej
Kompabilitet  i-SENSYS LBP162dw, i-SENSYS MF264dw, i-SENSYS MF267dw, i-SENSYS MF269dw
Antal pr pakke  1 stk
Side kapacitet  1700 Sider
Black toner page yield  1700 Sider
Cartridge return & recycling  Ja
OEM kode  2168C002
Emballagetype  Kasse
Farve på produkt  Sort


Canon Black Laser Toner (CRG-051) Canon Black Laser Toner (CRG-051) Canon Black Laser Toner (CRG-051) Canon Black Laser Toner (CRG-051)


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